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Welsh Communists have slammed the Welsh government and Assembly Members for voting to keep decision-making powers in Brussels instead of bringing them to Cardiff.

‘The National Assembly’s rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement and its demand for a second EU referendum with Remain on the ballot paper are not only an insult to the majority of Welsh voters who opted for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum - they are also a refusal to take any power from the bureaucrats of the European Commission’, Communist Party Welsh Secretary Trevor Jones declared at the weekend.

He was speaking at a meeting of the party’s Welsh Committee in Merthyr Tydfil.

Mr Jones pointed out that the British and Welsh governments had already agreed to transfer full or partial decision-making powers in at least 70 policy areas from the EU to the National Assembly of Wales after Brexit, including environmental protection, carbon storage, offshore energy, hydrocarbon licensing, renewable energy targets, flood risk, coastal erosion, waste management, water resources, forestry, rural land use, planning consent, local transport services, air travel, road safety, biodiversity, animal welfare, food standards and organic farming.

Attacking the National Assembly’s resolutions of December 4 against the Withdrawal Agreement and June 5 for a second referendum, Mr Jones said ‘it beggars belief that the majority of legislators in Cardiff Bay want to sabotage Brexit so that these powers would remain in Brussels forever’.

He found it ‘even more astonishing’ that Plaid Cymru claims to support self-government for Wales while ‘permanently surrendering vital decision-making powers to an unelected, over-mighty bunch of pro-big business bureaucrats in Belgium’. The Communist Party calls for maximum devolution for Wales and Scotland in a federal Britain outside the EU.

The party’s Welsh Committee urged AMs to respect the 2016 referendum result and fight to ensure that EU state aid and agricultural assistance powers also come to Wales instead of London after Brexit.